Word Junkie

Writing is in my blood

I admit it: Warren Perley is a word junkie.

I’m president of a marketing and graphic design company called Ponctuation Grafix. By day, I’m ensconced in administrative minutia, organizing clients and discussing creative concepts for marketing campaigns.

Oh yes, I also call much-needed timeouts to play with the felines which patrol our office.

(Well, if President Obama has Bo, a Portuguese water dog, as his self-admitted only friend in Washington, why can’t I have a few prescient cats to lift me out of the doldrums when I’m feeling stressed?)

As daylight fades into evening shadow and inky darkness, I metamorphose into a bibliophile. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that I have an affinity for all factual and creative genres of writing, regardless of whether they’re books, magazines, newspapers or online articles. Whatever the format, I appreciate a sublime pasticcio of thought-provoking, informative content wrapped in simple, evocative prose.

These days, with the internet, there is certainly no shortage of digital material available at our fingertips. Much of it is useful, but there are swaths of online content which is unreliable, uninformed, trite and confusing.

I certainly appreciate the convenience of the internet and the way it has democratized the distribution of information, but I believe too much content is put online without the checks and balances required for accuracy and clear writing. At least in the field of journalism, in which I spent my early adult years, it has always been axiomatic that every good reporter and writer needs a skilled, knowledgeable editor.

With that homage to good writing based on accurate facts, I am pleased to introduce this part of our website to acquaint visitors with a sampling of some of the various genres of reporting and writing I have been involved with over the years.

Each link on the top blue menu will take you to a different writing project with an introduction by me putting the project in context.

Happy reading!