A great site begins with planning

Mapping out and organizing your text, images, and videos are paramount in the development of your site's navigation, look and feel.
It starts with words

The written word is the most important foundation of web design. The best looking and best functioning websites are useless without meaning and understanding. Good content tells us the Who, What, When and Where. The trick is figuring out the How – as in "how" to integrate all these ideas into a coherent site which is clear and informative.

Our resident writer Warren Perley is a career journalist with decades of experience creating, editing and restructuring all kinds of text so that it "flows" and "sings."

Build it strong

Along with a solid foundation of content, the next row of building blocks is your navigation and structure. What goes where, and why it is better here than there? Those are some of the questions that need to be answered in web design, as well as what technologies would be the best choices for the content that you have. At Ponctuation Grafix, we are very detailed oriented, which helps us find the right peg for the right hole.

Across the board

When creating a website, we take into account the growing use of new handheld devices, such as tablets, smartphones and smart watches. Of course, our web design must also work on laptops and desktops. So from the ground up in our design process, we utilize the Responsive Design strategy to make sure everything looks and works on all devices across the board.

Make it pretty, make it fun

The next design level incorporates splashes of colors, bold fonts and captivating imagery. You usually have only seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your site, so eye-catching, unique design helps hold their attention. With decades of graphic design and visual communications experience, Ponctuation Grafix develops strong and meaningful images, readable text flow and pleasing user interfaces. Plus a little animation to make it fun and dynamic helps strengthen the overall user experience.

The data generation

Working in tandem with all these design levels is the website programming, which helps generate the right kind of data that is important for your business. Whether it is a simple script that emails a form or a full content management system (CMS), the data is the beating heart that drives the site and makes it operate properly and efficiently. Ponctuation Grafix works with world-class web programmers and technical consultants, which helps keep our web heart both healthy and happy :)

Shout if from the rooftops

Lastly, we help incorporate the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards with meta-data, key words and descriptions. This also brings us full circle back to the foundation of clear, original content which is the STRONGEST, most efficient search engine asset that any website can possess.

At the end of all things

Ponctuation Grafix employs solid planning, development and execution through these design phases to help bring our clients' concepts to fruition through tried and tested technologies that result in websites that look good, work well, are informative and fun to use.

Websites we've worked on

Here are a few examples of websites we've worked on. (More in the works.)


A totally responsive website for the manufacturers of high-quality ceramic scoreboards for golf course and country clubs.

"Stimulus" Digital Newsletter
A digital newsletter published twice a year by a non-profit company called "Umalia" which helps businesses realize the tremendous potential of their commitment to social responsibility for a strong and sustainable social impact and enhanced organizational performance.

There is also a HTML-based email campaign with every issue sent out to more than 15,000 recipients, with a pithy synopsis of the stories found in the newsletter, the email has direct hyperlinks to each individual story, making it a one-touch action for the users to access the stories.

A totally responsive website for Ontario-Quebec based, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures company which specializes in the elimination of all forms of wiretaps and listening bugs, bug sweeping of locations and vehicles.

An unique website, the first in the world dedicated solely to original, long-form journalism with multiple graphics devoid of advertising, and sold on a story-by-story basis.

Foresight Lighting Inc.
This company is now out of business.
However we are showing it here as an example.

Foresight Lighting Inc. was a manufacturer of specification grade lighting fixtures using energy efficient ballasts and light sources, with a focus on T5 and T5HO fluorescent.

A website designed to promote a vanity book called "The Misfortune 500: Pundamania." See it here in our portfolio.

A small website designed for a local shopping mall

Our course, the website you're on right now
A website for a great graphic design company. *Blush*