GRAPHIC DESIGN It's not a's a lifestyle

The world of graphics covers a large selection of projects including logo design, print advertising for newspapers, magazines and billboards, packaging, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, trade-show signage, sales and marketing materials, direct mail campaigns and web site designs.

Ponctuation Grafix has experience in all those areas. Examples of our work can be seen in our portfolio. One of our strongest attributes is the ability to create relevant, crisp text to go with the eye-catching graphics. As well, our designers keep up to date on new software and printing innovations to give our clients an edge.

After discussions with the client, we come up with proposals for graphic solutions which take account of the text which is to be incorporated into the visuals. Unlike some graphics houses, we believe there must be a seamless marriage between form and content in order for the project to succeed.

WRITING & EDITING Putting it all together

Warren Perley, president of Ponctuation Grafix, is an accomplished journalist and author. Besides his extensive experience as a newspaper reporter, Warren spent many years as a top editor at major newspapers and news agencies, including The Canadian Press, The Montreal Star, The Gazette, United Press Canada and United Press International.

MARKETING We have the touch

Over the years, Ponctuation Grafix has been involved in a wide variety of projects to increase their clients' market share, producing both the text and graphics to support publicity campaigns and targeted marketing initiatives, such as direct mail or e-blasts.

What sets Ponctuation Grafix apart from other companies which offer marketing services is that we work as a team in-house to produce the text and visuals for both print and web campaigns. We believe that cross marketing using new and traditional media is an effective way to get your message across. Such vertically integrated solutions save time and money. Most importantly, they produce results.

WEB DESIGN Content is king!

The internet is constantly changing, but too many technological bells and whistles tend to clutter the digital landscape. Ponctuation Grafix offers clients the key element critical to developing a successful web site — CONTENT – superior text, original graphics, structure and an understanding of the user experience.

When needed, we work with experienced programmers to develop specialized sites that are rich in content and function. Once the website is developed, we offer maintenance and updates for a modest fee.

ILLUSTRATION A picture is worth a thousand words...

Our graphic designers are trained in illustration, which gives the client another option besides clip art and photography.

This ability to draw also gives our designers an edge in digital image retouching, 3D texturing and creating corporate logos.

PRINT BROKERING From start to finish

Although we are not printers, clients often ask us to broker that part of the job for them to ensure a smooth transition between concept and final product.

Montreal, where our design studio is located, is known as an international printing centre. Prices for printing — traditional and digital are among the most competitive in North America, and the knowledge and experience of Quebec printers is second to none in the world.

BROADCAST The medium and the message

In addition to the 30-second animated ads that it has produced for its own client, Ponctuation Grafix was hired on contract in 2002/2003 by CanWest Media to put together 60-second video vignettes for a convergence project known as Momentum Montreal.

The work involved Warren Perley writing a script for the ad and then going on site with a camera crew to shoot a video, which was then edited into a 60-second clip aired on one of the CanWest television stations. CanWest, at that time the biggest media company in Canada, owned the Global TV network and the former Southam & Hollinger newspaper chain.

ANIMATION Don't touch that dial…

Our ability to create original illustrations has taken us to the next step — creating animated television ads.

For two years running — 2001 and 2002 — Ponctuation Grafix created 30-second animations for the adult education courses offered by one of our clients, the English Montreal School Board. Inquiries for enrolments shot up 10-fold at the school board, and the animation campaign was twice written up in Marketing Magazine, the trade publication for ad industry officials in Canada.