Charge into the fray with stunning imagery and creative graphic design

We pride ourselves on creating original graphic designs by making optimum use of finely-honed text with great illustrations and photos. You should know that we subscribe to one of the best stock photography libraries in the world, which allows us to offer our clients a choice from among 6 million photographs and illustrations. GRAPHIC DESIGN:
It's not a's a lifestyle

The world of graphics covers a large selection of projects including logo design, print advertising for newspapers, magazines and billboards, packaging, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, trade-show signage, sales and marketing materials, direct mail campaigns and web site designs.

Ponctuation Grafix has experience in all those areas. Examples of our work can be seen in our portfolio. One of our strongest attributes is the ability to create relevant, crisp text to go with the eye-catching graphics. As well, our designers keep up to date on new software and printing innovations to give our clients an edge.

After discussions with the client, we come up with proposals for graphic solutions which take account of the text which is to be incorporated into the visuals. Unlike some graphics houses, we believe there must be a seamless marriage between form and content in order for the project to succeed.

There is no substitute for experience

We have extensive experience putting together the nuts'n'bolts of clean-looking newspapers, newsletters, brochures and direct mail material.

Prior to starting Ponctuation Grafix in 1991, Warren Perley co-founded a weekly newspaper called The Hampstead Herald, which was one of the first newspapers in North America to be produced entirely on a desktop publishing system.

Effective layout requires a knowledge of typesetting, structure, typography, grids and balance.

The devil is in the details

Pre-press is the most important part of the design process. Even though it is seen as a "back-end" part of design, the job needs to be formatted in a specific way for it to print properly.

Getting a print project from the screen to the press involves being very detailed-oriented, knowledgeable and patient. A lot of coffee also helps.

Some of the aspects that have to checked in pre-press are:

  • Document size
  • Colors
  • Ink density
  • Font formats
  • Font styling
  • Registration
  • Crop marks
  • Trapping
  • Separation

The objective is to make sure that the client's documents print properly. Faulty pre-press can lead to production errors, schedule delays and cost overruns.

You don't have it...we will make it!

Our graphic designers are trained in illustration, which gives the client another option besides clip art and photography.

This ability to draw also gives our designers an edge in digital image retouching, 3D texturing and creating corporate logos.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

We subscribe to one of the best stock photography libraries in the world, which allows us to offer our clients a choice from among 6 million photographs and illustrations.

Factoids our clients should know

  • We answer our phones directly. Clients rarely get voice mail and when that does occur, the call is returned within minutes or a couple of hours.
  • We do not work traditional Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours. Clients can usually reach us anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday. Voice mail messages left before or after those hours and on weekends are checked and returned promptly.
  • Unlike with most agencies, clients get to work directly with our graphic designers, meaning there is no intermediary who runs interference. We find that direct communication leads to fewer misunderstandings or errors, which cost time and money for all concerned.
  • Besides being creative, Rodney and Karen understand the production process, meaning how to avoid mistakes which can lead to delays and cost overruns.
  • We invest in maintaining the best equipment base in the industry for our staff — fully loaded Mac Pros with 30-inch Apple Cinema Display screens. We have extra Mac work stations for clients who wish to work on their text in our spacious office while sipping one of our famous café lattés made with natural spring water.The name of our game is “comfort and efficiency.”
  • We have backup equipment for every computer and printer in our office to ensure that equipment failure does not lead to deadline failure. We back up every job daily so that it is preserved in our archives. Planning for the unexpected is part of business.
  • In addition to being Art Director, Rodney is also knowledgeable about computers, software and internet technology. In fact, he has set up the entire office network, which keeps Ponctuation Grafix on the cutting edge.
  • Our reference library (Yes! We read books) includes the latest graphic design books from around the world.