Read all about it: story-telling is the hottest marketing trend!

Companies which want to forge a link with potential customers are hiring professional journalists to tell the stories which underline their company's products and services. In many cases, the resulting story is published on a blog on the company's website. It is then posted on social media sites. It can be tied in with a promotion, contest or product launch.

Once the journalist has the story written, it can be used to create a script for a video, which can also be posted on the company's website, as well as on a YouTube channel.

The story can also be consolidated into a "native ad" to appear on a media website with a link bringing readers who click on it back to a landing page on the company website where the value proposition is expanded for those readers who might wish to purchase the product or service. Even if the process doesn't result in an immediate sale, which it usually doesn't, it does generate "leads" for future potential closings.

Business success starts with a story

In fact, there should be no expectation of an immediate, direct return on investment (RIO). Brand Content is simply about raising consumer awareness by creating a new image of the company through storytelling. But that is the first step needed to convert a potential client into a paying customer. And it all starts with a story, and the writer who can tell that story in a compelling fashion!